Waringstown Shops


Welcome to Waringstown.org - a website for the community of Waringstown, developed and maintained by members of the Waringstown Community Development Association. We hope that this website will grow with time to become a portal to all things Waringstown - bringing the latest news on community activity, a community events calendar and a business directory of local businesses.

"Our Mission is to promote community in the Waringstown area."

"Our vision is for a Waringstown where people know and trust each other, look out for each other, and look after the village."

We are guided by values that include:

  • Relationship – Putting people and relationships first
  • Inclusivity - Including everyone as far as possible
  • Diversity - Celebrating each person
  • Empowerment – Developing ability and giving the weak a voice
  • Stewardship – Seeking to preserve and enhance our natural and historical legacy
  • Sustainability – Protecting the well-being of others and our children's future
  • Accountability – Reporting openly to all those involved
  • Process – Doing things in the right way