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Welcome to Waringstown.org - a website for the community of Waringstown, developed and maintained by members of the Waringstown Community Development Association.

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The last meeting of 2014

Dr John Dunlop was the speaker at Waringstown Historical Society's last meeting of 2014. Dr Dunlop and his wife Rosemary were the guests of the Society where Dr Dunlop addressed the meeting on 'What Legacy Do We Leave Our Children?'. Dr Dunlop challenged the audience to think about how we view and use history and the importance of building bridges with people who may have a different construction of history.

The Society's next meeting will be in February 2015. Details of the programme will be posted on www.waringstown.org

Linen Houses of the Bann




Historical Society Meets

The linen houses of the Bann will be the topic of Waringstown Historical Society's September meeting. Jason Diamond will be the guest speaker and will provide an insight into the development of the industry, 'mill villages' and in particular the linen families and houses of the area.

The meeting will take place on Thursday 18 September at 7.30pm at Waringstown Cricket Club, Clare Road, Waringstown. All are welcome to attend this informative, informal and friendly meeting. Non-members are asked to make a contribution of £3.

Waringstown Historical Society meets regularly throughout the year with speakers on a range of topics. The Society is sponsored by Waringstown Community Development Association and further information can be obtained from WCDA's website www.waringstown.org

Clock Making in Lurgan


Charlie Gardiner fascinated members of Waringstown Historical Society recently with a presentation about the historical legacy of clock making in Lurgan. It was definitely a case of 'hidden history' which delighted all the members. The next meeting is on Thursday 17 April in Waringstown Cricket Club. The subject is Reflections on the Somme led by David Scott from the Somme Centre.'

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